materials marketing industry experts answer natural stone FAQs.

What type of grout should be used for filling joints?

Any standard sanded grout can be used. Custom Building Products is an excellent source.


Can Materials Marketing’s solid core columns be used as a structural support?

This is not recommended. However, our split and cored columns can wrap load bearing and support beams. Please consult a professional engineer to address your field conditions.


How long will natural stone last?

Literally, natural stone endures for thousands of years. Stonehenge, The Great Sphinx and The Pyramids come to mind.


Where does Materials Marketing start its process?

It is important to understand that we begin at the quarry. This is the only real starting point for the production process of marble, travertine and limestone architectural stone, tile and mosaics.


Where can I see some of your architectural stone and tile installed?

We have numerous images of all types of stone installations on our website. We can also try to coordinate a visit to a project proximate to you.


How will my architectural stone and tile be shipped?

In most cases we ship via common carrier. Your stone will be properly packaged and palletized.


How can I find a professional stone mason or tile installer in my area?

Materials Marketing will help you find a qualified professional in your area.


What colors of stone are available?

Standard stones are marble, limestone and travertine. At any given time, that may account for 18 -25 unique colors.


How much does installation cost?

This is almost impossible to determine without complete project information. Many factors go into determining such a cost and labor costs vary considerably by region.


What would be the lead time for my order?

Many factors and conditions affect lead times. Not the least of which is complexity of design and production. For best expectation setting, please consult one of our branch sales consultants.


Will someone come to my job site or home to measure?

This can be arranged when necessary and appropriate.


Do I need to seal natural stone to protect it?

Yes, we recommend that all natural stone be sealed. This makes for ease of care and protects against stain and moisture penetration. For example, products from StoneTech are suitable.


How does your estimating process work?

On a project estimate, you can trust that we will provide you with a line item “schedule of values” type formal bid. This also allows us to offer value engineering services along the path to completing your project.


Can Materials Marketing help with technical questions?

Please call 210-785-2060 or email


If a particular stone is chosen as an exterior element, can that same stone be used as a floor and in other interior elements?

Yes, in most but not all cases. Generally, exterior elements in a certain stone can be brought inside as fireplaces, kitchen hoods, flooring, mosaics and moldings.


Who can install architectural stone elements?

A professional stone mason with experience in dealing with natural stone elements would be a good candidate. Please consult one of our branch sales consultants.


Does Materials Marketing offer only custom elements?

No, we have standard items also. Many of these can be used to create modified or custom elements.