Materials Marketing Limited: History

Materials Marketing was founded in 1962 and their history is as rich and colorful as their stone and tile product offering is diverse.

1962 – Don Rymer founded Materials Marketing Ltd. (MML). He is the first person in the U.S. to import Saltillo tile, a terra-cotta creation from the Coahuila region of Mexico. It quickly became a popular building material due to its color range in the yellows, oranges and reds.
1964 – Materials Marketing opened its first showroom in San Antonio, Texas. Given the market popularity of Saltillo tile, two new showrooms were opened in Houston and Dallas, Texas. The next product the company introduced into the U.S. market was the more decorative Talavera tile—a colorful hand-painted Mexican tile with roots in painting and artistic design from Spain.
architectural stone and tile - materials marketing - our history 1970
1970s – During this period, the development of most stone and tile products moved at a glacier’s pace in the U.S. market. In the early to mid-70s Materials Marketing started importing Cantera stone from the Guadalajara region of Mexico. This introduction, led Materials Marketing to develop its architectural stone manufacturing capabilities. This was a significant moment for the company.
1980 – In the early 1980s Materials Marketing opened the first stone and tile showroom in La Jolla, California and their distribution spread from the West Coast across the entire country. Adoquin was the next stone introduced to the market and it coincided with the emergence of a major commercial building boom throughout Southern California. MML’s expertise in complementing architectural stone with decorative tiles gained traction with luxury hotels, high-end shopping malls and elaborately themed restaurants. This success prompted the company to open two new showrooms in Chicago, Illinois and Denver, Colorado.
architectural stone and tile - materials marketing - our history 1989
1989 – Through a major acquisition, Materials Marketing purchased two factories in Mexico where the quarried stones and hand-made tiles are manufactured even today. This addition to the company helped set them apart.
architectural stone and tile - materials marketing - our history 1990
1990s – During the ‘90s, the focus of the company moved away from commercial construction and became heavily entrenched in residential work creating impressive and one-of-a-kind private residences. The company further expanded with another showroom in Austin, Texas.The next stone the company brought to market was called Riviera Beige, a material found in the Oaxaca region of Mexico. This stone grew in popularity to dominate 90% of their architectural products. Soon after, the demand for the Sienna stone followed pursuit.As tastes and design change with time and demand, Materials Marketing has been able to adjust and adapt to styles, sizes and customization.
2000 – Materials Marketing began cutting and processing marble and travertine stones quarried in Mexico. Their mosaics, tiles and moldings were manufactured in their Guadalajara factory. And at their second factory in the state of Hidalgo, the company manufactured hand-carved elements from fireplaces to columns, staircases to balusters, to just about anything that a client can dream up. During this time they started importing marble blocks from Italy as well.The company opened a showroom in Atlanta, Georgia.
2011 – Materials Marketing opened a luxury showroom in Denver, Colorado.
2012 – The company is proud to announce the most recent material available in their product line—Danby marble from Vermont. This attractive white marble mined domestically is growing rapidly popular and it is testimony to MML’s continuous due diligence in answering the demands of the architectural stone and decorative tile market.