Over the past 11 weeks, 30 eighth grade students have immersed themselves into the fundamentals of classical architecture. This program, New Heights, was initiated by the Texas chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art. The combined involvement of the ICAA, Michael G Imber Architects, Alamo Heights Junior High School teacher Casey Fallis, and Materials Marketing’s own Michele Iapicco, centered on the Urban Design course. The students learned about the history of architecture and design history in San Antonio, and were given the opportunity to design their own sculptures based off their New Heights education. At their gallery, students were able to present their designs and ideas; a phenomenal representation of their burgeoning talents.

Our skilled carvers helped bring the students’ own designs to life, noting each curve, line, and detail that the young designers planned. The craftsmanship is something we at Materials Marketing are familiar with each day, and it is our privilege to be able to share our company’s capabilities with our community.

These students and their designs are current and relevant to today’s world. It is a perfect reminder, especially to those in this industry, of the capabilities of young minds and how talent can be cultivated and enriched early on. Opening kids up to professional skills and crafts at an early age will ensure a future society where skilled trades are appreciated and valued.

The ICAA is hoping that the New Heights program becomes a regular part of the students’ curriculum. If you would like to help support and sponsor these students, you can make a direct donation here.

Materials Marketing was happy to donate the scale models of the students’ designs and we hope they carry these tokens of inspiration with them throughout their studies. Bringing a design concept to reality is something we help our clients achieve daily, but for these young students, it is a tangible reminder of their creativity. We hope this keeps their interest in the arts, architecture, and design to carry forward on their educational paths.