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British Regency Fireplaces

Architectural components from the British Regency period remain remarkably relevant in present day design plans. Perhaps the easiest examples in the world of a luxury stone purveyor, such as Materials Marketing, are Regency fireplaces. Let's set the stage for this post with a bit of historical reference. The Prince Regent The "Regent," for [...]

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Outdoor Design Elements 2015

A few months ago the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) announced the results of what they termed a “redesigned” survey meant to capture the essence of current residential design trends. Since Materials Marketing owns a simply sublime limestone quarry in central Texas, these results are of paramount importance. Within the data, we find critical information on the popularity [...]

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Stone Fireplaces Reconsidered

The title of this post, "Stone Fireplaces Reconsidered," allows for wide latitude in terms of both intent and content. After all, the home and hearth aspect of any fireplace setting, be it residential or commercial, tugs at certain primal instincts that we all possess. In the end, the point of the post is simple. We [...]

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The Denver Showroom: A Showcase for Stone Fireplace Design

A Showcase for Stone Fireplace Design - Materials Marketing In May of 2011, the newest Materials Marketing showroom opened in Denver, Colorado. Since then, we are still hearing the same reaction from the designers, architects and clients who enter, “Wow!” Everything from the floor plan, to the displays, to the lighting, was taken into consideration. [...]

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