Our own factories. What sets us apart is not only our exquisite product line and expert staff but also the fundamental structure and vertical composition of our company. Materials Marketing is the only natural stone manufacturer and tile supplier in the USA that controls the quarry production and owns and operates its own quarry and manufacturing facilities. Every product comes direct from our factories through our showrooms to your home or business.

Natural Stone Manufacturer Quarries

From the latest CNC technology to the master stone mason. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with the latest CNC and stone cutting technologies that produce consistent quality and efficiency in the production of large projects. Also, our facilities employ artisan masters of traditional hand-carving techniques that can create the most intricate details in architectural elements and classic fireplace mantels.

Natural Stone Manufacturer Quarries

We set the highest standards. This control and management of our stone and tile materials ensures that every product is produced to the highest standards and ready for installation by the best in the field. From inception to completion we work with the top professionals.

For our valued clients, this means the MML experience is as easy as one-stop shopping. We can handle your new construction or renovation and decorative needs from floor to ceiling; bath to kitchen and foyer to fountain.

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Twenty-two different materials, thousands of products.