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Shading in Natural Stone

Shading in Natural Stone is an inherent and desired characteristic. Let’s get that point across very early in this post. Like snowflakes and people, it is safe to say that no two pieces of stone are exactly alike. Even if two slabs were cut from the same block the visual results will differ. Therefore, we suggest [...]

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Midcentury Modern Style

Why is Mid-Century Modern Style still intriguing us over half a century later? In fact, what is it really all about? Who drove its adoption and when? What are its key elements? Let's wander around this topic for a while and see what we turn up! The Diamond Chair via Wikicommons The period is arguably considered [...]

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Reclaimed Stone Finishes

The use of reclaimed stone in haute design plans has been with us for some time now. In fact, in this space we have spent quite a bit of time on the topic. A few years down the road and the idea is as strong as ever, but perhaps with a few tweaks. Let’s take [...]

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